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Wohl Building,

2B Redbourne Avenue,

London, N3 2BS


Tel: 020 3857 8406


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Protecting your properties









020 3857 8406


  • Reliable service

  • Detailed reports

  • Helpful clerks

  • Prompt staff

  • Pictures

  • Secure systems

  • Meter readings

  • Open Sundays

THE INVENTORY                                                                              

The report provides a full list of content and condition of the decor, furniture, fixtures and fittings of the property. Meter readings and keys are listed as standard with pictures provided of each room focusing on areas of interest such as items of value or specific dilapidations.



           THE “CHECK-IN”

If necessary we can arrange for a clerk to meet a representative or tenant at

the property at a designated time with hard copies of the inventory report

for all parties to work through. Each comment on the report will then be checked

together so that a report agreed on by all parties can be compiled.






A check-out report takes place when the tenant moves out and is the most important part

of the deposit return process. The check-out compares the property’s condition at the end

of the tenancy to the inventory report, thus forming the basis for which to withhold or repay the deposit.